More Than Just Names: Incorporating Social and Community History Into Your Research

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I am very excited about this opportunity to co-teach on this upcoming webinar with genealogist and author, Robyn Smith. We both have busy federal careers, but we have maintained an active passion for genealogical and historical research for over two decades. Like many researchers, we get excited when we uncover the names of more ancestors, going back further in our families, but we always seek more about their lives and their environments to tell/write a more interesting and enriching story.

Join us on Sunday, September 26, at 1:00 p.m. EST for two or more hours, as we use our combined 50 years of research experience to inspire and to teach about how, what, and where you can uncover more about your ancestors’ lives, their social histories, and their communities. Go beyond a recital of names, places, and dates and enrich your family stories with more details, as well as your own understanding of the past. Make your ancestors come alive!

Hope to see you on Sept. 26. Here’s the Zoom link to register for this webinar:

6 thoughts on “More Than Just Names: Incorporating Social and Community History Into Your Research

  1. Outstanding Inspiring presentation today… on so so many levels. You and Robyn were the perfect complementary team. I love the fact that you both integrated place, social context and events over time begins with family, friends, social circles. It is the way I have always studied and loved history and the first person narrative. Hope and Hope and Hope on so many levels… Thank you. Keep writing and exploring, ancestors are whispering in yuor ears in addition to those waiting to come forth sending us to new heights.

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