There’s Always More to the Story! (Part 2)

When my “new” cousin, Najeeullah (pictured left), first appeared as a high DNA match to the Reed side of my family, I immediately pondered, “How on Earth is he related?” I soon saw on his family tree that his paternal grandfather, Benjamin Thompson Sr., was from Abbeville County, South Carolina. I followed the DNA trail back to his great-great-grandmother, Louvenia Thompson. He then told me about her last living granddaughter Teresa back in S.C. (right), and the rest is history!

Please read Part 1 first, if you haven’t. It will certainly help to understand what’s going on and why I’ve been dancing for joy! Click here to read Part 1.

Now that you’ve read Part 1, guess what I did? Well, after receiving 90-year-old Cousin Teresa’s DNA results, my heart, mind, and soul spoke to me. They said, “Drive down to Abbeville County, S.C. to meet her!” When they speak, I listen!

Instead of typing “Part 2” on this blog, I produced this short video clip. When I entered Cousin Teresa’s house this past Saturday, one of the first things she said to me was, “Looking at you, I can tell you kin to me.” She’s one of the sweetest ladies one could ever meet, and her words touched my soul. I’ll be on Cloud Nine for a while. See the 4-minute video below.

You can also see video at

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